Tuesday, October 26, 2010


 I'm now offering some great Christmas designs I created on Etsy for embroidery sewing machine users! Here's three, more listed, more to come!  Oh, by the way, buy any three of my embroidery machine designs, and get my digital files with the words "Believe", "Merry Christmas" and "Ho Ho Ho" free! (There is a listing to purchase them, but read the details on how to get them free in that listing.)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

WEEKEND WONDERS - Just a Little Cleaning Hint

Here's a little helpful hint that you may have or have not thought to do. 
Use small paintbrushes for cleaning those hard to get to places in decorative moldings and items with nooks and crannies! Great for intricate porcelain figures, vases, lamps, etc. Use soft brushes to dust or stiffer ones (like stencil brushes) to clean grime. Remember to be gentle on fragile items and use appropriate cleansers.
So, keep some of those little brushes on hand and in your cleaning kit!
** You don't have to buy expensive brushes like these ... but I always seem to have some of these around that are no good for tole painting any longer, so they make great cleaning brushes! **

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Workshop Update

A while back I posted some photos on my blog showing my working spaces. CHANGE has happened! I picked up a few great items at an auction last week, and so I'm getting more organized and efficiently set up!

First is this HUGE item that used to be in a department store, now closed, in our downtown, so it's a piece of history! I think it was probably used for something like bedding sheet sets, blankets, or bedspreads that would have been displayed on top and the huge drawers were to store the extra, bulky packages. These drawers are WONDERFUL and has the glass inserts! Very cool, eh? I haven't filled it up yet, but trying to decide exactly "WHAT" I want to place inside. (Getting ready to ship that furniture on top, so it won't be there long.) Not only is this a terrific find, the $1 price tag was FANTASTIC! What a deal!!! There were two of these at the auction, my friend bought the other one just like it!
Here's inside a drawer .... the glass divider is removable.
Next is a green piece that is the "PERFECT" height for me to use my rotary cutting boards! No leaning any more! LOVE IT! The extra granite top table to the side ($15 find a couple years ago) has my needle punch machine on top but also affords me more space when I'm cutting out! At $35 for the green piece, I can't complain too much! I have all my cutting tools and accessories for rotary cutting in the drawers with room in the bottom for more goodies! You can see my embroidery sewing machine and regular sewing machine in the background.
Next is a typewriter desk from the depression era. It's not exactly the prettiest desk, but it is PERFECT for my serger! The piece the machine is setting on can be put down inside and the top closed to make a working desk with writing surface. Fun idea! I can almost see an old cast iron typewriter and someone typing away at it! Maybe I'll paint it one day if the mood strikes in multi-colors just for fun!
That "Merry Christmas" board is vintage & made by a local gentleman many years ago. His daughter told me he worked for GE and he used to make things with lights for Christmas every year. I cannot find any bulbs that fit this light string, so I may have to replace that, but love that vintage look!
Last, but not least, is my work table. I bought a broken down table an auction years ago for $2 and salvaged the legs and runner supports for making this table. Hubby made the top from sycamore he had cut at an Amish sawmill. The top is gorgeous! I'm VERY careful with it because I don't want to damage it. It's just a wonderful size, though, so it remains there 'cuz I just can't give it up for something smaller.
What's so wonderful is now I've been able to clear out all the stacking boxes of "stuff" I had stored under my work areas, so my feet now actually will fit under everything! 
Now, all I have to do is get busy making samples to take to market! I've committed to wholesaling my wares next year, so it's time to get prepared!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mini Pillows are Popular

My mini pillows for the fall are selling great! I made a bunch and have a few left, so hurry on over to get yours before they're gone!  
(I also sell the digital embroidery sewing machine files for these on Etsy.)