Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Gettin' Good!

!!!!!MORE PHOTOS!!!!!
As you can see, we still have to finish the floors in the back section. The color we have partially painted on the concrete was mixed with the wrong base which made it lighter and have a pink/peach tone instead of clay. After a lot of thought, we have decided to faux paint the floor with other colors on top to see if we can make the color work. Next installment will show the decision & results.
The greasy roll around will be removed shortly. I wonder what they used it for. I'd love to get it cleaned up & fill it with flowers in the summer and put it out front, but it's so big and not sure that would be a good idea. Notice the bucket hanging from the dark tin ceiling on the before picture. It was catching water from the leaky roof. :( I prefer the ceiling painted white. :)
The photo above is taken from back looking front, the photo right below is the same area, front looking back.

The three photos above were before and in the midst, now here's after:

Remember this yucky wall?
In this after photo below, that wall section was actually at the left, where you can see the wall texture changes. We covered that mess with beaded board paneling and painted (the rest of that section that goes behind the hanging heater is painted over bricks). I don't have a full view shot to show the after, maybe next time, but the area now looks just like the photo below shows on that left side. Gee, I hope I'm making sense! :)
 Here's another view of the back from the 2nd doorway.
One last photo. Remember this one?
Well, I forgot to do another exact shot of this part, but you can see it in the last "after" photo above, it is the back wall to the right of the post with the fire extinguisher,


basketsbyrose said...

You are your husband have done an amazing amount of work. Give your selfs a big pat on the back!

TeresaM said...

WOW!!! How exciting to see it all coming together for you!!! Great job!

When do you expect to be open?

Firecracker Kid said...

That's a big difference. Now we gotta turn it into your primitive domain:)

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Goodness, you have done a lot of work! It's amazing the differences!!

Brenda said...

Gosh, you all have been doing alot of work and it all looks amazing now! Congrats to yoU!


Bette said...

You have done such a great job on the transformation. Can't wait to see it when it is open for business.