Saturday, May 1, 2010


Use regular isopropyl alcohol to remove glue residue from glossy porcelain. First, very gently remove what you can of the glue with an emery board, then use a clean, soft cloth dipped in the rubbing alcohol.
Also, great for cleaning the crystals on chandeliers! Simpy wipe the crystals with a cloth moistened with alcohol.

A sink full of warm water (not hot) mixed with 1/4 cup of clear ammonia is an excellent glass cleaner. Soak for a few minutes, rinse & dry. In your bathroom sink, use warm water again and a tablespoon or two of ammonia to soak combs & hair brushes to clean them. Use an old toothbrush for scrubbing as needed.

REMEMBER: Never put old glassware in the dishwasher!

Do you have any other uses for alcohol & ammonia? Please share yours in the comments section!


Beth said...


Bawissa AKA Melissa said...

My mom uses ammonia to clean almost everything. She dilutes it to clean the fingerprints off of the walls and to scrub the floors.

WARNING-Do not get bleach and ammonia anywhere near each other! If they mix, it creates toxic fumes. My mom had bleach in the toilet and accidentally got ONE DROP of ammonia in it. We had to air out the house, and she had trouble breathing for a few hours! It was really scary.

PioneerLoft said...

Thanks for that STRONG warning, Bawissa. One little drop is all it takes ... WOW!

basketsbyrose said...

I use rubbing alcohol mix with water to clean my kitchen and bathroom. Germs and grease gone!

I Play Outside The Box said...

Use a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol on it to dab on a mosquito bite. Takes the itch out almost instantly.

Carol said...

Great tips to pass on to the maid... NOT! I wish I had a maid. LOL. Thanks Denise:)