Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Seriously in Destashing Need

I don't know about you, but I've realized that I've accumulated way too much "STASH" and am working on this problem. It's so easy to let the stash build up, it creeps up on you like a bad dream. You innocently purchase this and that with all the good intentions in the world. As for me, I get on these moments of, "Oh, oh, I've just gotta try making this" and buy all the stuff, then I find another important project to invest money into before I even get the first one accomplished! *Sigh* Then there's the projects I actually DID do, but kept buying and buying and my stash exceeded my enthusiasm. Of course, there's the "bargains" you find at times and cannot resist, so you buy 2 or 3 when you only needed 1, thinking your family or friends may be interested, too. After all, it was such a great deal!!! Yes, the stash grows like weeds sometimes! 

What kind of experience do you have with stash? How do you keep it under control? Do you have any hard and fast rules about how long to keep the good stuff before parting company? I'd be interested in hearing ideas on how to better manage this problem that I believe most of us crafters find a struggle. Please feel free to leave a comment here, or contact me with your ideas and I'll pull together some of the ideas for another post one day.

So, for now, I'm starting to list my STASH for sale on Etsy. So, keep checking out my listings almost daily as I'll keep adding!

Here's a few of my current offerings.


Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Oh boy, when my stash builds up, I have hubby build me more storage. LOL. He still needs to put those shelves up for me! LOL. Get to it honey!

basketsbyrose said...

The stuff that I'm not using, I give to another artist. Keeps it out of the land fill, give they some more material to work with. They in turn have given me material to work with. Very informal swap, but fun.

TeresaM said...

I just told my hubby last week he needed to build me some shelves because I can't keep my craft room rid up at all and its driving me crazy!!!

I've consumed our whole basement and it was never this bad! I find myself looking way to long for things!

I'm anxious to hear some suggestions that will help!

I have been buying clear totes so I can see what is in them which is helping a little! But I can't afford to buy as many as I need at one time!

Happy Valley Primitives said...

I've sold a lot of my stash on craigslist, but I usually end up donating a bunch to the local thrift stores.

I'm to the point that I know I won't get to some of these things in my lifetime and don't want to burden my daughter to deal with the mess.


Maria said...

This is where my husband's ways have rubbed off on me. I use Quicken and keep track of every penny I spend and make on my crafts. When I run the reports and see how much goes in and out and what my profits are, it's really easy to say, "Okay, my next listing is going to be made only using stuff that I already have."

It's really hard to pass a craft supply store or a yard sale though and not buy anything. Oh, the hardships of a crafter....Sigh...