Friday, December 17, 2010


FIRST, the project manager & top boss:
She is demanding a good floor mopping!
 I forgot to take a before picture of this door, it was all white before. It is non-functional at this point, but we may open it up to take you to the upstairs one day.

The "before" (left) photo shows just a small section of how bad the entire ceiling looked.
AFTER: These photos hardly does justice to the ceiling now! Simply gorgeous!!! I think the ceiling is the reason I bought the place!
We put a board over this doorway (above) to keep the heat in the front section, I promise it won't look like this later. :)
BEFORE: Here's a section from the back of the building shown to the right that has been getting a little face lift.

 AFTER (sort of): After I painted the wall, hubby decided to spray paint the tin ceiling and it oversprayed onto my hard work! Painting those bricks wasn't easy, the dips and pits are incredibly hard to coat with paint. Oh well, nothing some touch up won't cure. :)
The ceiling back here is actually small squares of tin, nothing fancy like in the front of the building. This is the only section in the building that will have brick walls. The rest of the room will be given the painted beaded board touch.
The rest of my photos today are more pictures from the back of the building where we have done virtually no work so far. I've posted them just so you can see how much needs to be done and maybe you can start picturing something better until we have the work complete.
 The deep fryer for donuts used to be located here. Looks pretty bad right now.
 Here in the back section of the building, we are looking from the back towards the front. The oven on the right (yes, still here) needs a home! We have a possible buyer for it coming after Christmas. Please pray with us that this person will want to buy it and use it again as it still works.
 As I understand, this little room is where they put the dough for rising in the later years of the bakery. We believe it was a freezer once upon a time, but was no longer used for that. There's a big walk-in freezer in another section that took its place. Below is the inside of this room, minus the racks and shelves that were in there when we purchased. I may rent this out as small space if we can get the old refrigeration unit safely removed.
Be sure to keep coming back. More photos coming soon!


basketsbyrose said...

Looks wonderful! I love what you have done, and please keep us updated! Merry Christmas!


What interesting history on your building. I can see why the ceilings caught your eye and heart.
Looks to be shaping up !

Carol said...

Oh it's so good to see the progress you;ve made so far. I like the colors. Those ceiling tile are A-Mazing! Looking good gal:)

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

The tin ceiling is gorgeous! love the remodelso far!

Snugglebug Blessings said...

How wonderful to see your store coming along. So love those tin ceilings wow they are gorgeous. Will check back to see your progress. God bless and Merry Christmas. Cathy

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Wow you sure have been busy! What you've completed looks wonderful!! Just love that ceiling :0)