Monday, December 20, 2010


Next is a photo I missed when I was showing before photos in my earlier posts. You can see the white door here and how much nicer it looks in three colors in the after photos! It was a very sunny day when these before photos were taken, I would LOVE to see that sunshine again! It's been so cold & gloomy here for weeks.
While the yellow cupboard could have been repainted, the practical value of the piece was virtually nil for us, so sadly, we removed it. (It was not original to the building, but added later.) Sorry to those that think it should have stayed. Behind it was the original beaded boards to the building (tongue & groove), so we decided to put beaded board around most of the room. Sorry to admit the new is paneling, but at least it keeps the flavor original to the building.

The trim's up in the front, so here's some photos where things are looking more finished than before. We are going to faux paint the floor where the blue & white tiles are missing and hope no one really notices much! I'm taking volunteers for floor washing & waxing! It's all ready now for that mop & glo treatment! It sure has lost what sheen it had with all the work we've been doing, but that certainly is curable!
 We are looking for a door to put on the inside of the entryway so we can get rid of the storm door. We had taken it down, but with the temperatures being so extremely cold this month, we put the ugly door back up and know we have to find something to replace it for the winters. We were going to rip out that entire entry cove, but believe it was originally built this way in 1873, so we decided to leave it intact.
While the brown walls darken the room and make it seem smaller in the photos, we really like how it turned out in person. It's very warm & cozy feeling and will make a great neutral background for the primitives to come!


Alice said...

It's really taking shape. I love the ceiling!

basketsbyrose said...

Just wonderful! You both are doing a great job, and it looks great! Merry Christmas to the both of you!

basketsbyrose said...

P.S. Send me your address and if I'm close I will help wash floors!

decorator to the stars said...

hi, why don't you paint the floor with oil based porch paint & stencil it. just an idea. what did you do to the cabinet you tore out? is it smashed?

Firecrackerkid said...

I like it:) Ya'll are making it look great.

The Country Primitive Shoppe said...

Looking great! Lots of hardwork and love is going into that building!! Best wishes!

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

I love the brown color and think it will be perfect for your prims! It looks great with the ceiling.