Saturday, June 26, 2010

TOUCHING UP Helpful Hints

I have a three ideas on how to do some touching up. I'm hoping you gals will have more ideas to add to the comments.

Use nail polish on chips on vases & other painted surfaces. It is waterproof when dry, and of course, available in LOTS of colors!

Model airplaine paints can be purchased at hobby shops and many toy stores. They are great to touch up repairs on lamps, ceramic, porcelain, furniture, etc.

When my prim wood items get chipped, I use watered down black or brown paint for getting rid of that fresh wood that has been exposed. Apply the paint on to a soft, clean cloth and gently touch it to the damaged area. Then use another cloth that is dampened with water on one end and dry on the other for wiping and blending. Use paint sparingly and keep wiping, alternating with the damp cloth and a dry cloth, to blend into the rest of the piece. Best to start out easy and repeat as needed rather than coating too much on that you can't get off. (I don't use stain to do this because I usually like how the paint method turns out in the end much better. Just my taste.)


Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

good tips Dee.

basketsbyrose said...

I forgot about the model paint! Great tip!