Monday, August 16, 2010


My hubby made this for me a couple years ago when I was VERY sick & bedridden. Decided to "brag" on his work and show it off here. It's made of sycamore & coated in tongue oil rather than varnish. I love the low sheen of that finish, though it requires reapplication from time-to-time.
If only I could actually "REMEMBER" in which drawer to find what I want! I've only managed to memorize where to find postage stamps & mail stickers and the doggie brushes without hunting! Oh well ... maybe in another 2 years I'll figure out a couple more item locations without going on a treasure hunt!!!!!


The Brickhouse said...

THAT is one BEAUTIFUL piece of workmanship! What a lucky lady you are and what a talented hubby you have!

Jessica [] said...

Wow that really is a beautiful piece of workmanship, all those drawers! And I love the finish. Your hubby is quite talented. What a blessing!

Patti said...

wow, that's just gorgeous!!!

Cris said...

Oh wow! That is like a dream come true!! I always longingly look at those in antique shops! You could make a map-like chart of the drawers and list what is in them and place it in a hidden spot (maybe the first drawer) for a sort of cheat sheet!!

Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

OMG that is gorgeous!