Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Crafting World - Part 1

Blogging about my work areas couldn't have come at a better time. I just really cleaned my space where I sew a few days ago and haven't started on a new project since. So, it looks really good compared to normal! :)  I have to keep after it regularly anyway since I do operate a store out of it, so people walk in and see the mess, so I try to not let it get out of hand. I took a bunch of photos, but I guess I couldn't hold still 'cuz so many are blurred, so I'm going to make two installments in my pictures of where I work.
This is where I paint. It's in my new enclosed front porch in the house. A little messy, but could be worse!
This is the computer center where I meet the world on the web! This is also in my new office, former front porch.
Here's my embroidery machine, and also my needlepunch machine with its back to the camera, and my serger. I'm trying to decide what to embroider on those black & white placemats. This photo, and all those following, are from inside my shop where I sew & work in a portion, then have a store with things for sale in the rest.
Wardrobe (for sale) with doors closed, then voila . . .
This old wardrobe (from around 1900) is such a blessing for storage that I'm really not anxious for it to sell. I have no idea what I will do with all my old quilts & other things in there if it goes.
This is a little blurry, but not as bad as others I took. This is my cutting out table, my thread holders (which doesn't hold all my threads), and another sewing machine. The white kitchen cupboard base under the thread is full of supplies. The big black cupboard is packed full of fabric, which I'll show pictures of the next time. That cupboard is not for sale. The folding screen is hiding more stuff, too! Next installment! :)
Under that work table you'll find this:
I hate this because I cannot get my feet under the work table, but I need somewhere for all these containers with goodies I simply cannot go without! :) You can't even see all the containers from these two shots. You know, the biggest problem I have is remembering where I've put everything! Guess I need to make a cheat sheet! :)


SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

I really enjoyed looking at your creating space, I have the same problem not being able to put my feet under the table, OH GOSH i made the mistake on clicking on your daily puppies ..awwwww I want one!!!
Thank ou for sharing!!

Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Oh Denise, you and most of us with our stuff stuffed here and there and everwhere. LOL. This is a perfect sign of a happy crafter:)